Applicants for College admission are Christians whose academic credentials, reputation of character, and personal goals exhibit a strong likelihood of graduating from Northeastern Baptist College. All questions about admission policies or requirements should be directed to the Admissions Office, and all students should apply by mail.

Incoming students must provide the following information:

High School Graduation: Proof of high school graduation or a GED is required for admission into Northeastern Baptist College. High school seniors making application must submit a transcript showing completion of their first semester of their senior year. Upon graduation, the applicant must submit a final transcript. Transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended must be submitted. Applicants who have completed a high school equivalency certificate must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. All transcripts become the property of Northeastern Baptist College.

Standardized Tests: Though not required for admission to the college, standardized testing will enhance the consideration of the applicant's ability to enter NEBC. An official report of the student's SAT or ACT scores should be sent to NEBC directly from the testing agency. Standardized test scores are only one component of the student's academic history considered for admission and the College recognizes other factors may be more revealing in judging a student's potential for college graduation.

Transfer students must meet all of the above requirements for admission and must submit official transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended. Credits earned at other institutions will be evaluated by the Registrar's Office for transferability. Applicants may be required to provide a copy of the transfer institution's catalog. For information on Transfer Credit Policies, see Undergraduate Transfer of Credits.

Home school students making application must submit an official transcript from a lawfully operated non-public school. The transcript should contain the home school's name, address and telephone number, with titles of the subjects completed.


Completed applications may be considered up to 12 months early and should be submitted well in advance of the deadline, which is 30 days before the first day of a given semester. Late applications may require delayed enrollment.

Students planning to live in campus housing should note that space is limited, and housing applications are processed by the Admissions' Office by date of acceptance to NEBC.


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