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Do you have any Christian books that you don't need anymore? Someone else does!

How to donate Christian books to a good cause

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For the library, Head Librarian Jim Mancuso is looking for good quality books on these topics:

•  American history

•  Baptist history and famous Baptists

•  biblical studies: origin, authority and authorship of the books of the Bible, canon, hermeneutics

•  biblical theology (of O.T. and N.T.)

•  biographies of famous Christians

•  business ethics

•  Christian ethics

•  Christian education/Sunday School

•  Christian fiction

•  Christian living: stewardship, devotions, prayer, tithing

•  Christian music issues

•  Christian books about other religions and cults

•  Christian views of science, politics, philosophy, government, medicine and ethics

•  church history

•  church planting, including cross-cultural

•  church administration

•  church ministries

•  education

•  entrepreneurial work

•  evangelism and discipleship

•  family, marriage and parenting issues

•  history

•  literature, great classics only (world famous authors of all ages; Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, etc.)

•  music, music history, musicology

•  preaching, homiletics, public speaking, sermon prep and delivery

•  Western Civilization / history

•  worship

We would also appreciate donations of classical music on compact disc.

Also, we cannot use any materials on audiocassettes or VHS videocassettes.


Please mail all donations to:

J. James Mancuso, Head Librarian

Hogue Library

141 Main Street

Bennington, VT 05201-2935